Comprehensive service

  • Forestry

    We are committed to supplying all our customers with raw material that does not come from conflictive sources because we do not work with wood of unknown origin, always providing information about the country, region or area of the material supplied.

    We buy the raw material directly from the owner of the land.

    We have a forestry team to perform the felling but only after the authorised forest ranger in the area has marked the pieces to be felled. These tasks are performed considering the appropriate lunar phases for each tree species.

  • Sawmill

    We have our own sawmill in which we classify all the sawn wood.

  • Warehouse

    Once classified, finger-jointed and packaged, it is left to dry naturally at 20-25% humidity. It is then moved to a wood dryer in which we lower the humidity to 12±2%

    It is sold in sturdy packaging.

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